Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vacation 2009

So here were are starting our third day of vacation and I'm exhausted already! I would love to say I'm kidding, but I'm not.

It started with the house. I tried to get the house cleaned and everyone packed before we left. The harder I cleaned, the more the girls messed up. Plus it's just a big house with alot of stuff. I swear I don't know how people keep a clean house. I would have to strap the girls in the car and work for hours to get it the way I really want it. Not gonna happen. But hopefully we didn't leave any trash inside (uh,oh, now I'm starting to have doubts) or food laying around to rot and get stinky. Nice thought, huh?

Then I had to make sure the dogs were taken care of. The labs didn't get to go on this trip. It's just not nice to bring 200 pound of dog to someone else's house. Max however, did get to come. My dad and I figured he's about 98 years old and with age come privilege. Max got to come with us as far as my Dad's. Daddy will keep him for me while I'm at my brothers, which makes me happier than leaving him at home and quite honestly, it's easier than taking him to my brothers, where he's not welcomed.

So, house taken care of, then dogs, now it's time to pack. This seems to be a never ending task! How much stuff do we need. Good googly-moogly! Clothes, shoes, toys, sunscreen, lifejackets, bathing suits, food, towels, computer :) phones, cords, bikes...lets just say except for the labs and some pictures, we have no reason to return to Georgia.

So now we're off. We left at 12 after planning to leave at 10. And we got here at 8. That's a long trip, especially with 3 little girls and one old dog. Oh, and we were in 2 vehicles. I drove with the twins and the dog, and Blair drove with Rena.

So once we got here, we ate dinner at my dad's. My brother, his wife and one of their sons met us at Daddy's. Then we checked into a hotel and went to sleep.

the girls love their cousin, Mason.

July 4

This is one of my favorite days for a couple of reasons. One, it's my birthday!

(we're all laughing because I said whoever sings the best gets the biggest piece of cake. My brother misunderstood and thought I meant the loudest, so he won, if I'd really said the loudest.)

Two, I love fireworks. Three, I get to spend it with my family. We usually go the the 4th of July festival in Southport, NC where they have a big parade, festival and fireworks.

Well, this year, we weren't really into the whole parade thing. Rachel and Riley complained and whined so much while I was trying to watch the parade, that I finally took them and left and let Rena and her daddy enjoy the rest of it. We ate a little festival food...seriously? $4.00 for a hotdog?...drank a little lemonade, made a quick run through the arts and crafts festival and then headed back to my dad's - Grandaddy's. We swam in the pool for a very short while, ate plums from his plum tree,

my brother and his family came over, we all ate dinner and then my family headed back down to the waterfront for the fireworks display. I actually tried to talk the girls out of going because I was seriously tired by this point, but I'm so glad we went. I really do love sitting on the bow of my Dad's boat watching the fireworks over the ocean. Then, we had a very short, but very long drive back to the hotel. Traffic is a nightmare and it's really hard to believe all those people were down there watching the fireworks too!

Today's agenda? Heading up the beach to my brother's and out on the boat for a little sand and water time.

Hopefully I'll be able to upload some pictures to share soon.

Hope you all had a nice relaxing 4th.