Thursday, January 31, 2008

4 year olds rock!

Rena has become quite the little helper. The other morning while I was taking a shower, I let the little girls play in the tub. I really didn't have much of a choice, because as soon as I said "Mommy's going to take a shower" they both stripped off their clothes and got in the tub. Rena didn't want to take a bath (they had all just had one). So, she proceeded to bath her sisters. They were much more cooperative with her than they ever are with me. And she did a great job. They were clean top to bottom. She even helped get them out and dry them off! How about that!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Snow!

It snow here again yesterday! I love the snow. It's never a guarantee, so when it actually comes AND it's the snowman/snowball making kind, it's even better.

Rena and her Daddy made a snowman and had a snowball fight yesterday. She loved it. Rachel and Riley weren't really all that impressed by the stuff. They were happy to stay inside for the most part.

Trying to get all three girls appropriately dress for the weather takes forever. I was afraid we would miss the whole snow event.

I got some pictures, to prove that it really did snow. Luckily I downloaded my pictures immediately, because while I was posting them on another site Riley broke my camera. Completely. She was taking pictures and fell. She didn't get hurt, but my camera sure did.

Now we are trying to decide how we are going to pay for a new camera. It's what I asked for for both my birthday in July and Christmas. I'm also trying to decided what I want to get.

Other than the exciting snow, I'm trying to get ready for an upcoming trip. If you think getting 3 girls ready to go outside is a big deal, try getting them ready for a 3 state tour with frequent stops! I'm looking forward to seeing our friends, but I am seriously dreading this trip.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cause of the Drought

Being in a 50 year drought brings a unique set of circumstance. Rain is a novelty to my kids. They really haven't seen alot of it in their short lives. So despite the fact that there is snow on the ground, my kids are fascinated the the water in the gutters.

So where is all that water going?

And Rena discovers why we are in a drought. She followed the water down the street, splashing and playing like a normal kid. Then she got to the drain and said, "Mommy, that's why we are in a drought. All the water is going down there!"

She's so smart.

Sometimes I feel like we are single handedly draining Lake Lanier. I struggle between developmental play and the need for conservation. We talk alot about not wasting water because we are in a drought. Rena has really taken it all in, hasn't she.

Cruel Southern Snow

Snow! We had snow last night and it was beautiful. Perfect, snowman making, snow. Of course, it came too late for us to go out and play in it. Then it started to sleet. Then it all started to melt before dawn. Too bad, too, because I think this might be the first time Rachel and Riley have really seen snow.

Riley took advantage of the snow to do a little gardening.

Here are the three sisters all together. Riley had a difficult time making it up the 'big' hill there into the flower bed. How adorable is this shaggy-haired group? We are definitely not cut out for the great white north though. We stayed out about 20 minutes and then all collapsed into tears because our wet pants were sticking to us and our hands were cold.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jack Hanna, she's not

Jack Hanna was on Larry King live last night. I LOVE Jack Hanna. I say it, just like that, everytime I see him or hear his name. It's like some Pavlovian response. I just can't help it. Even my husband knows I LOVE Jack Hanna. I find it endearing that he seems to be a little scared of animals (Jack, not my husband). How funny is that? He obviously loves and respects the animals and has a need to share this love with others.

I too, love animals, but limit my experience to the domestic kind. I don't feel the need to socialize with animals that can and will eat me. I'm teaching my children to love and respect animals too. All three of them have a great command of dogs and even led my in-laws dog/pony around at will over Christmas. Come! Sit! Stay! They have those down pat.

Now, if you know anything about animals, you know that you can't treat a cat the way you treat a dog. They will not stand for it. They would eat you if they could. And even the fiesty little ones give it a try sometimes. Rachel is learning this the hard way. I would like to say she learns from her mistakes with our cat, but that would not be true. She has pulled his tail and bent his head back in a exorcist pose. Even though he defended himself, he didn't go all psyco on her...until tonight. I don't know what her offense was, but she came in with a big cat scratch across her forehead. Her feelings are always as hurt by these event as her skin. She just doesn't get it yet. Poor thing.

Unfortunately, I don't think Boomer will be in a forgiving spirit anytime soon. He is on guard around her and with good reason. Maybe one day, she'll grow up to be the next Jack Hanna, but for now, she's not.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I can read!

I find this utterly fascinating!
Let me know what you think.

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