Monday, June 22, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Rena was in the 4 year old program at Preschool this year. And since they are the oldest, they get to graduate. How sweet is this. I love our Preschool! They did it in the chapel, at night. It was a special event for the children...and one of the stepping stones of childhood. (sniff, sniffl..I'm tearing up just thinking about it!) This was only our second year there, but we made good friends and had a great time. I'm really excited that Rachel and Riley will have been there for the whole time by the time they graduate.

The classes performed handbells for us.

Rena wants to be a tennis girl when she grows up. :)
The sisters enjoy some post-graduation cake.

Rena was really proud of herself...and I'm proud of her too.

Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays this past year turned out to be a rather stressful day for me. I would get Rena ready for school, drop the twins off at my neighbor's house, pick her son up and take Rena and her son to preschool. Then, I'd head back home, pick up the twins and try to get things accomplished like laundry and dishes. Before I would know it, it would be time to feed Rachel and Riley and get out the door again to take Riley to ballet. Another friend picked Rena up at preschool and brought her to ballet since Riley's class started at 1 and Rena's school got out at 1. It's hard to be in 2 places at one time! And since I always had at least 2 kids waiting with me, I needed to pack things for them to do. Poor Rachel had to hang out and wait for an hour and a half. (Of course, she could have been in ballet.) I did have some fun in that hour and a half wait. I met a new friend, who's daughter was in the class with Rena, and I got to spend time with my friend from preschool. We didn't solve the world's problems, but we did have fun discussing our own, while my children entertained themselves, and sometime us.

The stress of those hectic Modays was all worth it when it came down to recital time. Last year, Rena was in the recital by herself, but this year, I had 2 little ballerina's in there. And it was great! Both girls did such a fantastic job. Their teacher did such a fantastic job! It was a little on dress rehearsal day when it dawned on me that we were supposed to START rehearsal at 12:30, not BE THERE at 12:30. I was a little frantic then. But the big day went off without a hitch.
Rena's the second from the left.
Riley's the one on the right.

The big ballerina's are always a hit and have rock-star appeal for the little girls. My girls were so excited to have their picture taken with her.

It wasn't completely without it's own drama, though. Riley realized that the other ballerina's were getting flowers...and she wasn't...and she wanted flower! In true diva fashion, she was demanding flowers. And, she deserved them. She really did. So I frantically borrowed money from anyone willing to share, and sent Blair after some flowers. They were happy. And so was I!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

driving me crazy

I have other posts in the works, talking about all the wonderful things we did at the end of May. It's no wonder I'm behind on posting when things like this pop up.

The other night as I was laying in bed, I began to realize that the air conditioner was still running. So I asked hubby what it was set on. 71. Too low for my taste, he knew, so he raised it without question. The next day, on my way back from the mailbox, this is what I spotted.
Jeez a lou!
Then, today, after chasing the dog around the house and prying inappropriate things out of his mouth for a half hour, I decided to save my sanity and just put them all outside, even though it's raining. Little did I know that there will be no salvation for my sanity.