Thursday, September 27, 2007

The girls have been swimming like little fish ever since we got back from our trip to the beach this summer. Rena has been teaching Riley and Rachel how to put their faces in the water and blow bubbles. These girls are naturals! They have done great and show NO fear of the water.

Fashion Queen

Riley is into necklaces, shoes, hats, etc. She is the accessory queen. Her are a few pictures to show her fashion sense. In the first one, she is sporting an infant sleep sack as a sort of cape. She went to Target with me dressed like this. (That's right, I don't care if they talk about me!) I must mention that it was one of those 100 degree days that we were experiencing too. Next, we are trying to decide between the summer fishing hat and the winter wool hat. The winter hat won. And lastly, little miss Hollywood is ready for some serious grass mowing. Enjoy!

I lub you

I can't believe how big my girls are getting. Rachel and Riley have turned into little girls overnight and Rena is such a big girl.

Riley has been going around the house telling everyone that she 'lub's them. She is such a sweety. She'll come hug me and say "I lub mommy" and continue on, "I lub dad-a", "I lub Way-way", "I lub Minda". Minda is how both she and Rachel say Rena. I can't figure it out. They can both make the R sound in each other's names, but Rena always comes out Minda. Anyway, you can just see it in her face how much she does really love us all...even Max gets a big hug and an "I lub Max". It's really sweet.

Rachel, meanwhile, is continuing with her independent streak, but she is sweet also and likes to cuddle with me, and me only. My lap is prime territory and whomever is there guards it vigorously. It's like a bizarre game of King of the Mountain. Rachel will snuggle in with me, but she is constantly surveying the area for potential de-throners. Her thumb securely in her mouth and her other hand on her belly button, she watches for her sisters who might want to share my lap. If they come too near, they just might get kicked. This 'game' usually goes on until I can't stand it any longer and have to get up, eliminating the lap all together!

Rena, my little social butterfly, is loving pre-school and all of her friends in the neighborhood. She is entering a period of helpfulness and I am taking full advantage of it. In the past, if I asked her to help with something, she would tell me 'no' flat out. Now, she's helping clear the table, helping with her sisters by getting them dressed and in the bathroom, actually putting things away for me. It's great. She's also very much into makeup and handbags. She will put her chapstick and what ever else she can find that passes as makeup into different bags and carry them around. They usually get left at someone elses house, but, oh well. What really cracks me up is that I rarely wear makeup and I don't usually carry a purse, or even a diaper bag. She must get that from her grandmom!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cold Snap

Only in the south do people dress their kids in long pants and long sleeved shirts when the weather is in the 80's. Earlier this week, when the 100 degree days had finally subsided and fall showed promises of really arriving, I had my girls dressed like it was really cold outside. They didn't complain. I suppose going from 100 degrees to 80 degrees does take some getting used to, but it does crack me up that we dressed like it was cold.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We Started Preschool!!!!!!!

Preschool started! Blair and I took the girls together on their first day. We dropped Rachel and Riley off first. I was a little, ok, alot apprehensive about how Riley was going to do. I stayed with the twins, while Blair walked Rena to her room. Unfortunately, he went to the wrong room which set Rena off. She was very apprehensive anyway. They came back to the twins room crying...Rena, not Blair...and I hurried them out of there before the crying became contagious. Blair and I took Rena to her correct room where she clung to us and had to be pried off with 'one last kiss and we'll see you later'. This was hard for everyone, but at least I knew what to expect. Then Blair and I were free for a little while. This could be kind of nice!