Thursday, May 27, 2010

North Carolina keeps calling me

Fr. Hale, the former headmaster of the school I attended and later worked at, turned 90 on April 15th. They threw a party for him and I thought it was as good a reason as any to return to NC, yet again. It just so happened that my nephew was also starring in his high school play that weekend too. Lucky me!

So, of course, I packed up the family and headed to Wilmington and then on to Raleigh. It was a busy weekend, to say the least, but it was alot of fun too.

First, we headed to Wilmington...about 8 hours from home. We got there in time to eat dinner and head off to the play. Rena was my date for the night and Blair stayed at my brothers with the twins.

My brother, father, other nephew, daughter, sister in law and her parents were all there for my nephew's play. It was awesome! I'm so impressed with what high-schoolers can do. The play was a lot of fun and you could tell that they all put so much work into it! Rena made it almost to then end.

My brother cracks me up. A little post-play entertainment! Too funny.

We got up the next morning and headed to Raleigh for Fr. Hale's birthday. I was really hoping to stop and see one of my Aunt's in Wallace AND to pick strawberries, but there just wasn't enough time. We got to the party just in time. I look like crap in this picture, but it's the only one I had of Fr. and Mrs. Hale. There were lots of old teacher, parents and students there. I actually expected to see a lot more people, but it was still fun and I got to see some people I haven't seen in a really long time.

My best friends mother was there. She happens to be my Godmother.

Beverly. Hasn't changed a bit. I've know this woman my whole life. She's quite a character. She and my mother used to work together and then I worked with her for years. I'm not sure what she's saying out of the corner of her mouth, but my guess would be that it's something obscene. I hope my children will have people with this much character in their lives.

Rachel and Riley practicing for their future in the music business. This was at my brother's house, where there's always something cultural to keep us entertained.

The last shot. I tried really hard to get a good picture with all 3 girls. They were done, though and in no mood to cooperate. I really can't blame them. We'd drug them all over the state by this point!

So the play was on Friday night, the birthday party was on Saturday afternoon and we had decided to stay in Raleigh that night instead of heading back to the ATL. We drove out to our old neighborhood and stopped by our backdoor neighbors house. It was so great to visit with them and catch up on everything.

The next day, we tried to find a strawberry patch to go picking but they weren't opened yet. So we headed out to the cemetery to visit my mother's grave and the graves of friends and family. Sounds fun, doesn't it. I always feel like my mother would be pissed if I didn't stop by. hahahaha! I know, it's kinda morbid, but what are you gonna do?

From there, Blair and I parted ways and I headed back home...he headed off to work. Monday morning, the girls were e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d! I woke Rena up for school and she just burst into tears and was sobbing while she got dressed for school. I decided she could play hooky and she went back to sleep for 2 more hours. Poor thing, totally partied out!

As usually, it was great to be back in NC. The whole weekend was so much fun and my girls, well they are troopers!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Here, fishy fishy!

My next door neighbor is a wonderful lady. Her daughter has cerebral palsy and they have found a wonderful school for her. That school had a fundraising festival this weekend, so we went to show our support for our neighbor, Ms. Ruth and her daughter Hannah.

The festival was small, but fun. I was quite impressed with all they had going on, especially since it's a small school. And I was really impressed by the teachers! Amazing people.

Anywho, at one of the festival games, Rena won a goldfish. Then Rachel and Riley won goldfish. Whhooo-hooo. NOT! I didn't need any more pets! But what is one to do with, now 6 goldfish in bags? On the way home, we stopped by PetCo to get the setup for the fish. I'm thinking classic fishbowl...pretty colorful rocks...the end. But NOOOOOooooo. Seems you need 1 gallon of water per inch of fish. 6 gallons! So we picked out a 10 gallon tank. (I'm sure you are familiar with the size. Most people probably have at least one, long forgotten, on a garage or attic shelf) Lights, a filter...each girl got to choose their own colored rocks, fish food. $80 later we are prepared to be good fish parent.

I should have offered the school $80 not to show the fish to the girls. ;) just kidding.

We got everyone home and all set up. We only lost 2, which I think was pretty good odds. The girls love them and check on them often during the day. The best part....I told the girls that if they stayed in their beds ALL night long, then they got to feed the fish. 2 nights of peaceful sleep. Maybe it was all worth it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

That has become the story of my life. How can one 'non-working' person be so freaking busy. Right now, all of my children are avoiding me. That is very good for them. The youngest has just pissed me off completely and I truly don't think I have been this mad at any of them, much less just one.

What happened? you ask.

Well, the elementary school had and Art night, followed by a brief PTA meeting, followed by a performance from the Chorus. All of that went great.

Then, I got up to go speak to the Principal. Rachel proceeded to pull napkins out of the dispenser and throw them at her sister. Then she mounted the stage and refused to leave. I managed to get her out of the building - literally kicking and screaming - only to have her dart back into the building, disappearing into the CROWD. Rena and Riley found her on the stage, yet again, where she was given a good old fashioned swat on the ass for her behavior. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I gave my 4 year old a good ass-popping on the stage of the elementary school in front of, God only knows who was watching. By this point I had tunnel vision. I also had Rachel's attention for a brief moment. THEN she and her 2 sisters ran back out into the parking lot, across the street and to the car. I was still in the lunchroom. By this point, my embarrassment had turned to pure emotion I rarely feel. As I walked out of the building, into the crowd of people leaving the school, they crossed BACK across the street and headed toward me.

There was no talking on the 5 minute drive home. Once here, Rachel got a true ass-whooping. And was sent to bed. I'm still mad.

All of this madness while I am trying to speak to the Principal of the school and the PTA president, and the few parents that I know. I am mortified. Also an emotion I rarely feel.

I feel slightly better just getting this off my chest. What I'd really like, is the ability to carry on an adult conversation without constantly being on guard for a misbehaving child. Oh to be able to complete a sentence (I said put that back and get up off the floor) without having to insert an instructional sentence in the middle. People probably think I'm crazy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sad News

You know. You just know. No words really need to be spoken, although they always are. Because even though you know, it still needs to be said and it needs to be heard. The first step in making it real.

I got a call this morning from the school where I once taught. Before I even answered, I knew what it was about. A girl....well really a woman, I used to work with lost her battle with cancer. Mean old unfair cancer. She has 3 daughters. Now they have no mother. She has a husband. Now he has no wife. They do have a wonderful support system, and that's something. And she's no longer in pain.

I first met Lisa when she was hired to take over our Afterschool Care program. She was a little bit younger than me, but had grown up in the same area and she had that rare 'Old Raleigh' feel about her. She was smart and confident and she got things done. She became part of that St. Timothy's family and she brought her children into the family too.

I'm so very glad I got to know Lisa and her family. In some small ways, she's had a big impact on me. I know she will be missed and that she has left a big hole to be filled. I wish I could be there to show my support of both the Ham family and the St. Timothy's family. My heart breaks with yours.

Rest in peace, Lisa Ham.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello long lost blog. So much has been happening...nothing exciting, just the whirlwind of life.

So, a little catch up.

Fall is the most hectic time of the year for me. Between school starting back and 3 birthdays back to back, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. No wonder my head is spinning. Add to that the economy and then pflttt! swamped I tell ya.

Well, here's a quick synopsis.


Rena started Kindergarten. She loves is. I'm not a big fan. There will be a whole, independent post about that one day. I take her to school everyday and the bus brings her home. I wasn't going to let her ride the bus to start with, but the closer the beginning of school got, the more brave she got. I figured I'd let her do it if she wanted too. Why hold her back?

We went back to NC for our Family Reunion. It's the first one we've done in a really long time. I planned it and was pretty much in charge of it. My Aunt and my Dad helped out some too. It was alot of fun seeing everyone, but if we do it again, I want to enjoy it more. It was hard to just relax because I wanted it to go well for everyone. It did!


The twins start preschool AND the have their 4th birthday all in the same week. They LOVE their preschool and so do I. The only go 2 days a week which gives me a little break. They would love to go everyday.

The volunteer bug evidently bit me hard. I am the co-president of the preschool parent association. It was lots of work to start with, but I think (well, I hope) it's going well. I love the other mother that is doing it with me. We've got a ying-yang thing going on.

The twins' birthday party was a water party. To hell with the water restrictions, it was all taps open for this. We had a baby pool, a slip n slide and just a regular old sprinkler. The cake was a cool little mermaid. They loved it. I was going to do water balloons too, but completely forgot! Oh well, maybe that's how we'll celebrate the first day of summer!

Next up was Rena's birthday. I did a camping party for her and made a cute little 'tent' cake. We had hamburgers and hotdogs, roasted marshmallows and beaded necklaces. It ran way over, but it was fun.

Then it was time for Halloween. A cold wet rainy Halloween. But we got our candy and we were happy.


This year we decided to go to the Outer Bank for Thanksgiving. Grandmom and Grandpop's house. Blair was furloughed and then had vacation, so it worked out great. Unfortunately they had just had a big Nor'easter, so the beach was a bit of a mess. But quite honestly, I'm happy any time I'm near the ocean. It was a great week.


Christmas. Need I say more. Of course you couple Christmas + small children + 'economic downturn' and it leads to a VERY stressful month.

As you can see, my Christmas pictures ended up at the top of this post. I'll fix it later. Right now, I've gotta get to girls off to preschool. You'll notice there aren't any other pictures. I lost alot of them in the big computer crash of the Fall of 09. Dammit. Luckily I have some on snapfish and some on facebook, so they're not gone forever. I'll try to get them over here later too.

So, There you go, see how busy I am! I'll be back and hopefully make a little more sense later.