Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogging before blogging was cool

In preparation for our recent family reunion, I asked people to bring pictures if they had any. I know that Shannon scanned some in for us. They are really old and grainy. I'll continue to look for pictures on my end too. If you have some you would like to post here, let me know and I will give you authorship for this blog, or you can mail or email them to me and I will post them.
So, that's Jim Bob and Rena in the picture above. I don't have a date for that picture.
I don't know if many of you know it or not, but Granny (Rena) used to write little articles for The Enterprise in Wallace. Aunt Devilla made some copies for me and I thought I would share them on here. I hope you enjoy this slice of life from the early '60's as much as I do. Unfortunately, the dates have been deleted from the article, so we can only guess as to the true date.
by Mrs. Rena Williams
Wallace, N. C.
I arrived home recently from my trip to Raleigh. I was gone a week but it was nice to get back home again, where I can see the sun rise and get a drink of water that doesn't taste like it has quinine in it. I always like a drink of water when I get up in the morning but I don't like bitter water. I know why people in Raleigh drink so much coffee - the water is so bad they have to flavor it up with something and coffee is about the only thing they can use and stay on their jobs.
I can't say I enjoyed my trip to Raleigh because my son stopped outside of the town limits and picked up two men who said they were trying to get to Greensboro. By the time they got in the car and shut the door, I felt like I was in a beer joint. The odor they had was so strong it almost made me dizzy. I wanted to open a window but it was too cold. I almost had a "crink" in my neck by the time I got to Raleigh from trying to look both backwards and forwards. I felt like I had to see what they might do and I wanted to see where I was going - and that was hard to do at the same time.
We got to my son's house about four o'clock and was his wife tired! She had been house cleaning and washing and trying to please their two-and-a-half-year-old son, who had been sick and wanted her to do everthying for him and wouldn't let her do anything else. I tried to be helpful and give her a hand, but I soon got out for the way, beause he wouldn't even let me look at him straight.
I used to have a remedy that would cure such spells but you can't use it now days for it will make the child nervous and it is so much better to be nervous yourself. He is a sweet child when he is well.
I didn't get lonesome for music or noise while I was in Raleigh as they have a TV, hi-fi radio and a boy - and if one wasn't running, the other was!
Another thing, you don't have to wear sun glasses to keep the light out of your eyes because the blinds are always pulled. If people used green shades like they used to they would sleep themselves to death, for they wouldn't know day from night. I really had to blink my eyes for three mornings up there for when I peeped out, there was a snow on the ground.
My son brought his movie camera home Christmas and took pictures of all the family and grandchildren opening their presents and I didn't have any idea everyone was moving around so much. It looked like you had thrown a brick in a wasps nest. Children were running this way and that way. I had often wondered what I would look like to myself, if I could see myself walking or sitting around, and now I know - terrible! But we did enjoy the movies even though they were more like comedies than anything else.
I enjoyed my visit and I didn't have anything to do but sit around and think about the day I would go home and thus I got to thinking that sometimes people go up there and don't come back home, so that makes me even happier that I am back home.
When I was up there over a year ago, I came home with the coffee habit and now I almost have the coffee nerves!

Monday, August 17, 2009

On to Grandmom's house. Ok, there's a Grandpa too, but he doesn't get referenced in the travel lingo.

Grandma's house is a pretty laid back place where we get to hang out with Grandmom, Grandpop and the dogs. And if that wasn't great enough, it's walking distance to the beach. Rachel actually managed to stay least for a little while.

Believe it or not, this is all 3 girls. Sound asleep. On the beach. And me, without anything to read.

Grandmom and Riley enjoyed some together time.

Rachel in her normal 'day at the beach' pose.

The water at Grandmom's is a little cooler that it is farther south. I won't go in at all.

A new form of catching waves.

We had some rain while we were at Grandmom's. Rena took full advantage of it by riding her bike through it....again and again and again.

Grandmom also hooked us up with some cool tickets to see Charlotte's Web down in Manteo. A live, outdoor play. Very cool.

See. There is a Grandpop. And he read us stories.

Rena was not deterred by cold water. Not at all.

Luckily Daddy's blood has a few Northern drops in it, so he doesn't mind the cold water so much.

Pure beach joy!

This one. Well, she's got attitude.

This is one of those picture that I wish I could reach into and adjust the subjects. If Rena was just a little further to the right, this picture would be perfect. But if there's one thing I've learned about THESE subjects, it's that they are not at all cooperative. I still like this picture. and I love the subjects!

This one! She cracks me up too.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

On to Wilmington

The next stop on the vacation tour '09 was to my brother's house where we were able to settle in for the week. Ok, settle in is probably a misnomer. We hit the ground running with 3 boat trips and a couple of runs to Topsail Island where my best friend and her family were staying. I don't even remember the order of events, so I'll just comment on the pictures. Vacation's supposed to be one big blur, isn't it?

Riley and Rena enjoyed playing in the driveway, practicing their art skills with sidewalk chalk. I was mighty impressed that Rena wrote dog and cat all by herself. When I asked her what A-N-E-R spelled she looked at me funny and said, 'Rena'. Ah! How did I miss that?

This was a sandbar that had formed in the marsh near an inlet. HUGE sandbar. We came here twice. What a great place to hang out for the day. Of course, you have to be outta there by high tide! But in the mean time, there were lots of sand dollars to find sand to play with and water to splash around in.

Rachel contemplating the boat ride.

Rena enjoys the breeze.

My brother looking fit and fab as he approaches the big 5-0.

Miss Riley, always the fashionista.

Rena sorting through her bounty of shells.

A little post beach yogurt break.

Some bubbly fun.

This is how Rachel spent most of her beach days. My brother was worried that she was missing the party. I had to inform him the she is the party.

Soaring high. Seagulls seem to be able to spot small children as an excellant source of food from miles away.

This is the life.

Running with the gulls.

The sisters go exploring.

Next was my favorite island. We anchor on the sound side up in the marsh and then we can hang out there, or traipse across the little island to the ocean. I choose ocean! Great beach, warm water, calm ocean, blue skies. What more could one hope for.
Everyone brings their kids and dogs. Lots of friends show up. At first, I thought that it was cruel for the kids to be burying this dog. Poor dog. Then I realized that the dogs were lining up for their turn!

This was one BIG dog. And he's just a puppy. He wanted to play, but I think his size freaked the other dogs out.

Blair spent a little quality time in the waves with his girls.

I'm trying to feed my 'gluten-free-you-eat-too-much-crap-you-can-eat-that' spouting brother a nutter-butter. Maybe that'll shut him up.
This little boy hit the jackpot. 3 beautiful girls AND cookies!

Cousin Ryan snuggling with Rena.

a little game time on the beach.

This is Riley. But it looks like Rachel to me...since she's the one who's usually asleep.

I took the girls up to Topsail one day to see my friend an her family. She was here from Boston, so it was a perfect opportunity to see each other. Plus, I hadn't met her son. What a fat little cutie he is. I was dissappointed that I didn't get to hold him, but I think he was a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of people around him. We got to hang out on the beach for awhile and catch up. One day, I'll get to go to Boston again, and then I'm gonna give him a big squeeze!