Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello long lost blog. So much has been happening...nothing exciting, just the whirlwind of life.

So, a little catch up.

Fall is the most hectic time of the year for me. Between school starting back and 3 birthdays back to back, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. No wonder my head is spinning. Add to that the economy and then pflttt! swamped I tell ya.

Well, here's a quick synopsis.


Rena started Kindergarten. She loves is. I'm not a big fan. There will be a whole, independent post about that one day. I take her to school everyday and the bus brings her home. I wasn't going to let her ride the bus to start with, but the closer the beginning of school got, the more brave she got. I figured I'd let her do it if she wanted too. Why hold her back?

We went back to NC for our Family Reunion. It's the first one we've done in a really long time. I planned it and was pretty much in charge of it. My Aunt and my Dad helped out some too. It was alot of fun seeing everyone, but if we do it again, I want to enjoy it more. It was hard to just relax because I wanted it to go well for everyone. It did!


The twins start preschool AND the have their 4th birthday all in the same week. They LOVE their preschool and so do I. The only go 2 days a week which gives me a little break. They would love to go everyday.

The volunteer bug evidently bit me hard. I am the co-president of the preschool parent association. It was lots of work to start with, but I think (well, I hope) it's going well. I love the other mother that is doing it with me. We've got a ying-yang thing going on.

The twins' birthday party was a water party. To hell with the water restrictions, it was all taps open for this. We had a baby pool, a slip n slide and just a regular old sprinkler. The cake was a cool little mermaid. They loved it. I was going to do water balloons too, but completely forgot! Oh well, maybe that's how we'll celebrate the first day of summer!

Next up was Rena's birthday. I did a camping party for her and made a cute little 'tent' cake. We had hamburgers and hotdogs, roasted marshmallows and beaded necklaces. It ran way over, but it was fun.

Then it was time for Halloween. A cold wet rainy Halloween. But we got our candy and we were happy.


This year we decided to go to the Outer Bank for Thanksgiving. Grandmom and Grandpop's house. Blair was furloughed and then had vacation, so it worked out great. Unfortunately they had just had a big Nor'easter, so the beach was a bit of a mess. But quite honestly, I'm happy any time I'm near the ocean. It was a great week.


Christmas. Need I say more. Of course you couple Christmas + small children + 'economic downturn' and it leads to a VERY stressful month.

As you can see, my Christmas pictures ended up at the top of this post. I'll fix it later. Right now, I've gotta get to girls off to preschool. You'll notice there aren't any other pictures. I lost alot of them in the big computer crash of the Fall of 09. Dammit. Luckily I have some on snapfish and some on facebook, so they're not gone forever. I'll try to get them over here later too.

So, There you go, see how busy I am! I'll be back and hopefully make a little more sense later.