Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

That has become the story of my life. How can one 'non-working' person be so freaking busy. Right now, all of my children are avoiding me. That is very good for them. The youngest has just pissed me off completely and I truly don't think I have been this mad at any of them, much less just one.

What happened? you ask.

Well, the elementary school had and Art night, followed by a brief PTA meeting, followed by a performance from the Chorus. All of that went great.

Then, I got up to go speak to the Principal. Rachel proceeded to pull napkins out of the dispenser and throw them at her sister. Then she mounted the stage and refused to leave. I managed to get her out of the building - literally kicking and screaming - only to have her dart back into the building, disappearing into the CROWD. Rena and Riley found her on the stage, yet again, where she was given a good old fashioned swat on the ass for her behavior. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I gave my 4 year old a good ass-popping on the stage of the elementary school in front of, God only knows who was watching. By this point I had tunnel vision. I also had Rachel's attention for a brief moment. THEN she and her 2 sisters ran back out into the parking lot, across the street and to the car. I was still in the lunchroom. By this point, my embarrassment had turned to pure anger...an emotion I rarely feel. As I walked out of the building, into the crowd of people leaving the school, they crossed BACK across the street and headed toward me.

There was no talking on the 5 minute drive home. Once here, Rachel got a true ass-whooping. And was sent to bed. I'm still mad.

All of this madness while I am trying to speak to the Principal of the school and the PTA president, and the few parents that I know. I am mortified. Also an emotion I rarely feel.

I feel slightly better just getting this off my chest. What I'd really like, is the ability to carry on an adult conversation without constantly being on guard for a misbehaving child. Oh to be able to complete a sentence (I said put that back and get up off the floor) without having to insert an instructional sentence in the middle. People probably think I'm crazy.