Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good Golly, Miss Molly.  This is the first time I've had to sit down and think in weeks.  The first weekend in March, I left the girls and flew up to Maryland to start searching for a new home.  Sounds easy enough.  ha!  I managed to get all the clothes washed and put away before I left...if you have children, you know that is a major feat!  One of the girls' past teachers came and stayed with them.  They LOVE her...and so do I.  A really cool chick.  And taking over my day to day is no easy task.  The girls had softball practice and a birthday party so they were pretty busy.  And Ms. Kelley had obligations of her own that the girls got to help with.  Oh, and did I mention that's the first time I've left them except for one quick overnight trip where they stayed with their grandparents...and texted us the whole time!  This time, I could barely get them to talk to me on the phone...and they wanted me to stay gone longer!  Well, um, not really, (so they said) they just didn't want Ms. Kelley to leave!

Anyway, house hunting went well even though we are not quite ready to make a purchase, unfortunately.  I found this house that I really loved.  Who knows, maybe it will still be available when we are ready.  Or maybe our dream home is somewhere else completely.


I have a little better feel for the area, so that is a good thing.  And after looking at several houses, I am excited about the possibility of finding a really great house for our family.  I can't even begin to be hopeful for the kind of built in friends we have on our street now, though.  The longer the Spring goes on, the closer we get to the friends that we will soon have to leave.  That is very hard.  I really can't imagine not having these children in my life and the lives of my own children.

Another plus of the trip is that Blair and I got to spend some time together as a couple.  It was really nice.  We even went out with his best friend and his wife...like real adults!  I've missed that!  Most of my company is the tween crowd.

Next up on my busy list was our school's Bingo Night.  I was 'chair-person' but really I was only in charge of getting the prizes.  I got some cool prizes too!  Then I got to sit up on stage and tell what the prizes were for each round.  My head wasn't really in that game, but I managed to get it done. 

Then, I had to get items ready for a consignment sale.  I managed to get over 200 items tagged and ready for the sale.  It took me three solid days.  I was literally exhausted after that and finally took a day off.  That was last Monday, and I'm still tired!  But all that hard work paid off, and I made the most I've ever made consigning clothes.  Over $400!  I'm still excited about that!  But I have literally hundreds more pieces I need to get rid of.  That is next weeks assignment.

Then yesterday, the painters came to freshen up some rooms for me.  Only I forgot they were coming  and I was still in bed when they got here.  (It was a rare day that I got to sleep in because Blair was in town and was a WATCHDOGS dad at school.  So he was in charge of getting the girls ready and to school and I got to relax and sleep in...until the doorbell rang!)  That started my day off in a bit of a scramble, but having other people working in the house motivated me to get some stuff done.  So, laundry is largely caught up and I got a few more things packed up and into the garage.  And some stuff thrown away.  (I have to take advantage of THAT feeling when it hits!) 

Today, I will spend putting things back in place and cleaning up from the painters.  Then the carpet cleaners come Thursday.  Then the listing agent.  And the machine keeps on moving.

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